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Like all art, custom photography is so personal; choosing the right photographer for your family is based on many things.  All photographers prioritize different aspects of an image when looking through their lens, and it shows in their images.  Genuine, meaningful photography comes through an authentic connection and shows your reality through beautiful images.  I conduct newborn baby, childrens and family photography on location throughout Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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While many people are initially drawn to yoga through asana practice (the poses), yoga can be much, much more than the physical formations.  Yoga can become a tool to help in all aspects of life.  Asana is a great place to start, to find your rhythm, to build your interest and confidence, but more lies ahead if you remain open to the possibilities.  I currently offer some community classes & private yoga instruction in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Safe skin care

Safe skin care sounds vague; it might sound unrealistic to talk about how the dangerous ingredients in our face wash, hand creams and perfumes are linked to cancer.  Yet, these things are undoubtedly true and more people are opening their eyes to the realities.  We live in a desensitized culture and tend to hear this and think little of it.  We tend to want to ignore these facts because they're almost too much to digest.  Are you ready to open your eyes to this and learn more?  Whole body wellness AND radiant, beautiful skin is within reach, Beautycounter is on the forefront of that movement.

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