Call it what you want... unplugging, deactivating, disconnecting - all in the name of being more present and REconnecting in other ways.  Stepping back.  I'm eagerly looking forward to stepping back, myself.  This article sums it up beautifully.


Today, removing the facebook app from my (deactivated) iphone.  I've kept an old iphone as a wi-fi toy.  I use it for FB messenger, Voxer, Instagram.  I get sucked in negatively to the FB app every day and zone out and waste the time away.  Some day, I hope to deactivate my entire FB account. 

As I learn and explore the possibility of a "microsanctuary" for chickens, facebook groups sure do come in handy.  I know there are other ways though.  Just working up the courage to take that step back, step out, step into the present.

Life is such a process.  So bumpy and interesting and eye opening.  With eyes open, we can see so much.

Below, a beautiful image of a family of five, welcoming their third perfect child into their world, their arms, their home. 

and another:

The flaky newborn baby skin, those bright, alert eyes, the wrinkles around the wrists and the fresh perspective taking it all in.  This is what bringing a baby girl home and loving her and sleepless nights look like: pure love and utter beauty.  I'm honored to photograph such beauty in a growing family and new baby.