Don't wait.

I've heard a lot lately about waiting.  Waiting until spring.  Waiting until you shed a few pounds. Waiting until the snow melts.  Waiting until there's more snow. Waiting until you get your roots touched up.  Waiting until her braces come off.  Waiting until you get coordinated outfits.  Waiting for whatever.  I implore you to not wait.  Capture the now, with it's messy, funny, endearing, imperfect things.  The extra bits, the imperfect life that we live.  It is the now, and it need not be perfect on the outside but it always is perfect on the inside.  It's so worth it.

I had an opportunity today to have a photo taken with my sweet 4th boy.  Just him & me.  Less than one month until he turns four.  I have dozens of little moments like this captured so beautifully in front of a backdrop with my oldest two boys but this guy... not so much.  It wasn't planned, I wasn't "ready."  (He always looks adorable though, I admit it.)  But I took that opportunity and am glad I did.  It doesn't need to be perfect to be the perfect little moment right now.