Yoga teacher training books arrived today!

It would make sense that the day I'm finishing up one little project (this website!) I receive the first books for my yoga teacher training!  Jump from one big thing to the next without time for a breath in between.  Or without time for a hot minute in between, as I'd say in real life.  :) 

My hope is to consolidate all my little (BIG!) passions, offerings, ideas, etc., in one spot.  So I can direct friends to this one page instead of writing out different domain names for the various services that I offer.  Please enjoy, let me know if you find anything funny happening here, any spelling errors (late nights do not always lend themselves to correct grammar), etc.  Please sign up for the newsletter with your email address. 

In the mean time, I am going to be diving right into my new yoga books... good stuff in all directions.  Thankful.
Thanks for visiting!