Prepare to take some time for yourself and check in with your body and heart. Yoga conditions us to notice & listen to our body, to breathe & move with intention.  Sometimes this means sweating and working- other times it means relaxing and grounding.

These are Allie's current open class offerings; classes are available offsite for individuals or small groups too- just get in touch and we'll figure something out!



Allie's house
3-mile & Pettis
Ada, MI 49301
(Waiver has address)


7pm – 8pm Weds
7pm – 8pm Thurs
Daytime options coming soon.


These classes are donation-based, any amount is appreciated.


All classes include 5-10 minutes of meditation and breath work, a warm up, and a final resting pose.  What happens in between varies greatly depending on the individual needs of the class.  You will be reminded often to listen first to your body, and second, to the suggestions of your teacher.  Yoga holds no expectations but shows you the unexpected.


Benefits of
a regular
Yoga Practice

  • Battle Ropes & Pulleys

  • Suspended Ropes

  • Barbells & Bumper Plates

  • Free Weights

  • Weight Training Gloves

  • Step Benches

  • Yoga Mats & Blocks

  • Gymnastics Studio & Rings

  • Custom Obstacle Course

  • Locker Room

  • Showers & Towels

  • Premium Toiletries